M I N D F R E S H |

Boost Your Confidence

These mindful movement techniques are a little more "advanced".  If you're looking to really expand your torso, take up some space, find your balance & get your energy flowing, this is for you.  

Might want to grab a coworker & try this video out in an empty conference room! 

Enjoy giving that body language a boost.  After this video you should feel more open & poised.


Ellie Aaron

Ellie is a passionate Yoga & Meditation teacher, and Certified Holistic Health Coach transforming the lives of hundreds of people in NYC through her classes.  She trained with Yogaworks, OM Yoga, and is a graduate of the OM Meditation Program, as well as IDP’s Yearlong Meditation Immersion and Instructor Training Program.  Ellie credits yoga and meditation with transforming feelings of anxiety and self doubt to confidence and joy in her body and mind.  She helps others to reconnect with the wisdom inherent in their bodies and hearts, so they can embrace life to the fullest.  

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