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Tune Into Your Gut (Free)

Gut instincts are real.  We can feel like we've been "punched in the gut" when bad news comes or get "butterflies" when we're excited.  Our gut is comprised of millions of sensitive nerves, but that connection to gut instincts can get dull with stress & sedentary living.  #worklife

It's intuitive to loosen up.  Kate helps you unwind tightness in the gut so you can get those signals, loud & clear.

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Kate Pastorek

Kate is a holistic wellness counselor and a 200-hour certified yoga teacher.  She is currently pursuing a degree in nursing, with an interest in family medicine and women’s health.  Previously, Kate worked in publishing and photography at Vanity Fair magazine and the Aperture Foundation.  Kate is deeply passionate about the therapeutic benefits of yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and acupressure, and she is excited to study their possible applications in complementary preventative care and health maintenance.  She teaches privately in New York City, helping her clients to achieve improved flexibility, strength, relaxation, and overall wellbeing.

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