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Don't Hit Reply Angry

This is support for those of us with a tendency to get e-triggered.

Jen leads us through a breathing technique that creates valuable space in two ways.

One:  it gives you something constructive to do away from your inbox or venting to an unlucky coworker.  Space is calming.  Seriously, imagine outer space right now.  Mmm.

Two:  we expand our ribs, torso & lungs as we breathe.  The deep breath brings lots of fresh oxygen into the body for a calming effect.  You know when someone is freaking out & they're given an oxygen mask?  Same idea.

Space & oxygen = a more calm you that's ready to respond, constructively, to an email.

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Jen Kluczkowski

Jen is the CEO + Founder of MINDFRESH.  She's passionate about making our work inspiring, engaging + purposeful, because we spend more time in the office than anywhere else.  

With a background in startup media + 10 years studying the philosophy of yoga, she leverages her experience from both worlds to make mindfulness accessible in the office.  She's spoken on the power of mindful work at SXSW, Columbia University + The New York Times.

Jen is an 800-Hour Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher, a frequent visitor for study in India + a lululemon ambassador.

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