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Feeling Out of Synch?

When we're at work, our body & mind are usually doing two different things.  

Example: our body is sitting in a chair, but our mind stops becoming aware of our body in the chair because it's deep into a business model or examining versions of creative.

This is the first layer of multi-tasking & it really drains our energy.  Bringing the body & mind back together, even for a few minutes, is super invigorating.

Alex helps you link mindful movement with breath to focus the mind on the body vs. the spreadsheet.  When you come back to the spreadsheet, you'll have more energy & focus.     

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Alex Brzenk

Alex is a yoga teacher and integrative yoga therapist with over 500 hours of training, primarily in the Yoga Shanti lineage under Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee.  She teaches public classes and private sessions in NYC that integrate her training in yoga, restoratives, meditation, aromatherapy, and Reiki.  She is also currently in clinical rotations at a rehab and senior care facility on behalf of the Urban Zen Foundation.  In her previous career, she worked as an equity research generalist for a public equity fund at Ziff Brothers Investments and also at BlackRock.  Alex believes that a consistent yoga and meditation practice can help New Yorkers feel more balanced as they move through their busy lives and is grateful for the opportunity to share what she has learned with others. 

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