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NEED TO CALM DOWN?  If your body is tense & your mind is racing, we can help.  We'll guide you to take deep breaths, get control of whatever emotions are in the way, & get back to the best version of you.  Your team will be so grateful.  Videos include:

  • Holding Your Breath?
  • Don't Hit Reply Angry
  • Get Focused
  • Overwhelmed?
  • You Need Some Space
  • Feeling Heated?
  • Reconnect with You
  • You're Doing Great
  • Sleep Assistance

NEED AN ENERGY BOOST?  Mindful movement takes you from feeling foggy to fresh.  Did you know Buddhist monks practice mindful movement since they sit for hours in meditation?  These techniques boost circulation, release tension, & help you sit up straighter.  It’s better than that extra cup of coffee.  Videos include:

  • Tune into Your Gut
  • Neck Release
  • Boost Your Confidence
  • Bye, Brain Fog
  • Feeling Out of Synch?
  • Feeling Sluggish?
  • Improve Your Posture

NEED TO FEEL INSPIRED?  Put in your headphones, close your eyes, & listen.  These audio meditations give you space from projects to recharge so you can get a new insight, or three.  Audio recordings include:  

  • Intro to Mindfresh Meditation
  • Breathe to Balance
  • When You're Afraid
  • Permission Given
  • Your Elevator Pitch

NEED TO TRAVEL WELL?  Being mindful on a typical day is hard.  It's even harder while traveling.  We've partnered with YOTEL to create a series to help travelers easily wake up, motivate & wind down mindfully, while away from home.  Videos include:

  • Wakey Wakey
  • Afternoon Pick-Me-Up
  • Wind Down
  • Mindful Travel Reminders