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Breathe to Balance

You can hack anxiety.  If you're feeling overwhelmed, this breathing technique gets you centered.  Nadi Shodhana, aka Alternate Nostril Breathing, balances the left & right hemispheres of the brain.  

Most of work one side of our brain a lot harder than the other, which makes us feel unsteady.  A few minutes practicing this "balancing breath" & we'll feel more grounded, focused & calm.  It also helps purify toxins & improves respiratory function.    

Impress your friends:

Left brain = analytic thought, science, math, language, logic.  Right brain = art, intuition, imagination, creativity.

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Jen Kluczkowski

Jen is the CEO + Founder of MINDFRESH.  She's passionate about making our work inspiring, engaging + purposeful, because we spend more time in the office than anywhere else.  

With a background in startup media + 10 years studying the philosophy of yoga, she leverages her experience from both worlds to make mindfulness accessible in the office.  She's spoken on the power of mindful work at SXSW, Columbia University + The New York Times.

Jen is an 800-Hour Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher, a frequent visitor for study in India + a lululemon ambassador.

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